Kirsty Louisa Sutterby 

5th March 2018

Angie came out to our GSD Mia today - she was in much need of some TLC - weve tried a number of groomers and got the dreaded call to go back and collect a very sad looking Mia. Today she came out happy and looking amazing.

Sophia Smith – 5 star Thank you so much! Very happy with Ralph's cut and wash ! Great value for money, proffesional , friendly , very calm and approachable. Will definatley book with you again , Ralph is getting lots of compliments for his new look !

Andrew Whittle – 5 star Ellie had a lovely time with Angie this morning and loves her new haircut! Having Angie come the house was so much easier for me and far less stressful for Ellie. The service was excellent and really professional, I'd highly recommend Angie and dirty dog wash!


Davina Davie – 5 star Angie was great and Bonnie and Lula have never smelt nor looked so beautiful!! Would definitely recommend and will be booking up again!!

Kate Morris – 5 star What a lovely lady! She is very kind and patient with dogs even very fidgety ones like mine!!!she is a perfectionist too and did a brilliant job!
Thank you!

I have 4 dogs different breeds but all fancy...that require lots of grooming...they are not the best behaved and as with all dogs are excellent judges of character, after the same groomer for 15 years (travelling 20 miles after a house move)  I finally made the decision to try a new groomer. Angie has now become our regular groomer and is very talented with the cuts for different breeds... and the dogs adore her. The cuts are exactly as I like and the dogs love to show off their new look after the visit. I would highly recommend Angie if you are looking for a good groomer (as they are hard to find!)


Max,Alf, Pip,Coco

Paula Long -5 star
My dog Harry is a nervous old boy who hates water and having his claw's clipped but Angie has worked wonder's with him. I no longer have to sedate him to take to the vet to get his claw's done, he lets Angie do them with no problems. Thank you Angie xx
Mal Richardson 
I cant thank Angie enough, having arrived at my house dead on time.She has done a fabulous job on my temperamental toy poodle. Have 2 other poodles which Angie is going to groom I would highly recommend her. At last a groomer who is really very good at her job. No more amateurs for my precious dogs. Needless to say Monty (my toy poodle) is showing off to the other 2. Thanks a million Angie.
Kelly Simpson-5 Star
Wow!! Excellent, outstanding and friendly lady. Would def recommend them to anyone. I contacted Angie Friday evening not expecting a reply until Monday and she replied straight away about coming over to clip my mums dog. I had concerns cos dodger gets nervous and goes for people when they touch his feet. When he goes to the vets they have to sedate him because he gets really worked up so mum or any of us don’t like taking him because he gets so anxious. But Angie managed to fit me in today (Tuesday) for a nail clip. I then text her yesterday and asked if we could change to include a bath also without hesitation she moved things around and fitted us in no fuss. I was really nervous when today arrived but Angie was lovely and friendly, she made such a fuss of him and was really approachable which made me feel more relaxed. She took dodge to van outside and the nerves kicked in. Within 5 minutes I received a text from Angie to say nails done. That made me feel so happy knowing he was ok but that Angie must have known how worried I was and made that effort to let me know he was ok. I am surprised how well he done and no injuries occurred but I’m so happy that he came back to me clean, trimmed and happy even though he made me out to be a liar but he looks amazing and I am already looking at making another appointment now. Thank you Angie. Same time next month  highly recommended and super friendly. Wow! Lost for words.

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